Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Much is being said these days about the Democrats not calling for impeachment as the first order of business. I want this president impeached. I want this president in a freakin' dungeon for the rest of his miserable days. However, in my opinion, they are doing exactly the right thing.

Why? Because if you go in with impeachment guns blazing you do yourself more harm than good. Not only do you rally the wingnuts to the Republican party when they are now split, not only do you give doubts to the American public about your seriousness about governing responsibly, not only do you chance a lack of credibility in a thousand different ways, you loose your most valuable tool for reigning in this most imperious President arguably in American history. And if you do that, then you deserve all of the above and then some.

Pelosi is correct in calling for hearings. Have the hearings. Make the bastards testify. But, hold onto that impeachment option. Make it a sword hanging above Bush's head. A sword of Damocles, if you will. Threaten him with it falling if he does not begin withdrawing the troops. Let it fall if and only if he removes that veto pen from his pocket when our bills cross his desk.

Use it in this way, and show the people how power, real power, is wielded with finesse. Let it fall and you only show the people how power is squandered, yet again, in the hands of Democrats.

Pretty much like I can make a mess out of similies and metaphors.

(I promised Paul that I'd post or cross-post anything I thought might not absolutely ruin his blog in his absence. Hopefully, this qualifies.)

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microdot said...

Yes indeed. Impeach the little twerp and prosecute all the bastards who are involved in the crimes we see committed daily! The only problem is the rest of America. They don't have the stomach or the wits or the guts to do it!
Maybe after the holidays and the entire nation crashes and burns in thir post collective holiday funk and the bills start rolling in from taking the little jerks advice to go out and shop!
I haven't visited this page for a while and hope to see it back up and running! Here's to a more productive and angry new year!