Monday, August 14, 2006


America's Least Wanted is an opinion column I write. It's subject matter is based on who I think is really mudding the waters of this great country on a given day. At the end of each day (or every other day, depending on the news) I rank the top offenders based on a purely subjective scale, giving me the daily TOP TEN.
Every Friday (usually in the afternoon), all the people who have qualified for the daily TOP TEN list get thrown into a hat and the top five most detestable people (or groups) become part of the FIVE WORST PEOPLE OF THE WEEK!
Each week, a completely fresh TOP TEN is formed.
Come December, I'm going to compile and tabulate every FIVE WORST list to come up with the WORST PEOPLE OF THE YEAR!!! I'm not sure how many people will make the list, so I'm playing that by ear.
That's basically it. This is not a breaking news site. Given my work schedule and family responsibilities, there would be no way for me to just sit in front of a computer all day and watch news and troll newssites for the latest breaking offense. There are hundreds of sites that already do this and they do it far better than I ever could.
At AMERICA'S LEAST WANTED, I just do commentary on the day's political newsmakers, usually within a day of when a person said or did something particularly offensive. I always welcome comments and suggestions, so don't be shy about dropping me a line.


Heraldblog said...

You could save yourself a lot of work and just name Dick Cheney worst person of the year. He's held that honor every year since 2001. ;-)

microdot said...

I try to read your blog every chance I get! I've commented on your posts before and have mentioned that I find your postings so interesting and prolific that I neglect my own blog
Though my blog is not strictly political, by passion and neccesity it becomes so more each day.
I have a link posted on my page for your blog and if you think that what I write is worth it, could you post one for me, please?
I am an American, living in rural France who has always been very active politically and I am way outside any box!
My blog concerns my interests, politics, food, and uhhh....other things, occasional humor.
Lately, I have become obsessed with the Diebold voting system and finding all I can about it.