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I've known for some time that, among his many other faults, Don King is also a staunch Bush apologist. During the various news programs' various one-year observances of Katrina, King was on Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto spinning all the president's spin. (And I won't even get into why Cavuto would have King and Richard Simmons as guests discussing Katrina. What, were ALF and Carrot Top busy?)
Here's just a few of his comments (courtesy Media Matters):
"... George Walker Bush is one of the best presidents we have ever had in the history of this country."
King also demands that we "stop blaming the president" for the federal government's botched response to Katrina. And somewhere off in the distance I hear the ghost of Harry Truman whispering softly, "The buck stops here... ." Not on Bush's desk, President Truman, not on Bush's desk.
Cavuto then brought up Senator John Kerry's criticism of Bush's response, to which the asshat responded, "... he's a flip-flopper. So, when you're flip-flopping all the time, you don't know what stand he's really taking. So, we can disregard that." Funny, I don't recall Mr. Kerry saying, "I was for Bush's Katrina response before I was against it." I suppose in Don King World, if a person ever changes their mind on any subject, even if it is only once, then that person can never be taken seriously again. Okay. Good tip, Mr. King.
And finally, we've got the coup de grace, wherein Mr. King claimed that African-Americans supported Kerry in 2004 "because they didn't know any better." Wow. George Felix Allen Jr. could learn a thing or two about racism from this guy. I'm about the whitest of white Irish Catholics there is and that offends even me. It just says so much about the state of discourse on the right these days. Much like Don Rumsfeld a few days ago, if you don't agree with Bush and company, then you're obviously an idiot. I'm sure the predominantly black crowds that were abandoned at the convention center and the Superdome when New Orleans was spiralling into hell were totally regreting not voting for Bush, because he was doing such a bangup job helping them in their hour of greatest need. After all, they are just black folks who don't know any better.
I know I shouldn't get so worked up about a clown shoe like King, but when you say crap like Bush is the bestest president ever and speak down to the black population like they're small children who "don't know any better" for not voting for Bush, well you've just gone and earned yourself a place on the TOP TEN.

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