Saturday, September 23, 2006



Sorry that I haven't been doing much posting today. I'll be taking the GRE at the end of October and I'm busting my ass studying because I sincerely want to ace the thing. I'm just about all set to enter grad school this coming January, but I'd like a strong score on the GRE to really jumpstart my return to school. I haven't actually been in a school setting since May of 1997, so whatever I can do to get myself into a frame of mind that's conducive to academic achievement will be helpful.
The GRE is broken up into verbal, math and analytical writing. While I'm not sure exactly how the writing section is scored, I know that the top score to be attained in the verbal and math is 800. I'm shooting for 800. Probably unrealistic, but I figure that it never hurts to aim for perfection.
So anyway, I've been knee deep in analogies and vocabulary most of the day with the occasional break of sorts to reintroduce myself to integers and exponents and other fun stuff over in the math section. I'm guessing that given my dedication to nailing this thing that my blogging might be a little light over the next month, but I should still be able to punch out two or three a day. At least, that's the goal. After all, there's a lot of stuff that'll be going down over the final six weeks before the election, so I'll do what I can to stay on the case. Maybe I'll just give up sleep or something.
Regardless, thanks for coming by.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see you include yourself amongst "the top scoundrels and nincompoops who are screwing up this nation".


t rogers said...

Good afternoon,Budpaul. With all that's going on in your life now, I applaude your efforts here. Consider yourself bookmarked!

budpaul said...

That's all that I can ask for, t rog! Thank you very much.