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Dick Cheney starts things off at number five. His straw man arguments from earlier in the week are still reverberating, if only because the White House has finally been called on them and cannot name a single Democrat who has actually said any of the things that Cheney accused them of, specifically that our leaving Iraq will satisfy the appetites of the terrorists. Not six months ago, Cheney may have gotten away with that kind of BS, but it looks like the press (and the Democratic Party) have decided to grow a sac and stand up to the bullies in the administration.

At number four is George W. Bush. He's begun his PR push, known as FEAR, SMEAR AND LIES - U.S. TOUR 2006 and it's basically the same talking points mixed in with dangerous oversimplifications of the threats we face as a nation. Expect more useless nonsense out of Bush over the coming weeks as he once again tries to take political advantage of 9/11 while also trying to convince the American people that "stay the course" is the way to go in Iraq. Good luck with that, Mr. Decider.

After making a late rush at the end of the week, Ann Coulter finds herself at number three. About to be written off by serious commentators like myself, she came up big with yet another death threat against a public servant. I continue to contend that if a liberal were to say half the things that this harpy spews from her piehole that they'd be investigated by the FBI in no time flat. I guess it's just Ann being Ann.

Coming in at number is Joe Lieberman, if for no other reason than he warranted three columns by me in one week; a new record. First we finding him thumbing through the GOP campaign playbook with his unfounded smears of Ned Lamont and his supporters; then he dusted off the irrelevant Jack Kemp to campaign for him; and finally he thumbed his nose at the Dems, who are concerned that his minor party candidacy to hold onto his seat/ego will hurt the party's chances in November. His exact quote: "Well, they should have thought of that before they had the primary." Nice.

And finally, coming in at number one is Donald H. Rumsfeld. While only making one appearance this week, he single-handedly fired up a significant portion of talking head land as well as the blogosphere. His calling those who disagree with Bush policy in Iraq as cowards and intellectually and morally confused may have ruined Bush's PR offensive before it even started. Apparently, people have started to wake up and they just aren't buying this administration's line anymore. Of course, Rumsfeld refuses to listen to the winds of change and instead jams his fingers in his ears and calls his opponents cowards and appeasers.
I think Rahm Emmanuel said it best: "Instead of continuing his political barnstorm across the country, he should get to work at the Pentagon devising a real strategy for success in Iraq."

Updated Tally:
Bush - 7 points
Lieberman - 7 points
Rumsfeld - 5 points
George Felix Allen Jr. - 4 points
Coulter - 3 points
McCain - 2 points
Hugh Hewitt - 1 point
Cheney 1 point

(Points are awarded based on five points for a first place finish, four points for second and so on. Points will be carried over from week to week.)

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Palooka's Revenge said...

I've just run up on "america's least wanted" (great concept, btw) and am wondering when you are going to start connecting the dots? i see names obvious to such a list, political figures, media propaganda peddlers, and psycopathic killers like colter. but even she IS media as she spews her poision web. all deserving indeed!

but all these characters would not be who they are and do what the do without the network through which they thrive and are empowered. quite often the rock star would not be the rock star without the back up and side men. and even the rock star acquieses the spotlight to them to shine on their deservedness every now and then.

like retired major ralph peters...

like lobbyist grover norquist who, inspired by nightmare and augusto pinochet, dreamt up what would become the neo-cons 101 page secret iraq invasion plan circa EARLY 2001. you know, the one that won... that won out over powell and company's 3 day quickie plan.

and of course, norquist and the neo-cons dream would be nothing more than the nightmare it came from without the alignments of the great american corporatocracy foot soldiers poised with frothing mouths and dribbling dicks at the prospect of the piratization of yet another entire country... its infrastructure, its assets, its resources -- especailly the oil, its banks, its antiquities, and its peoples, legal or otherwise.

of course, none of these were news in the last week unless you count peters' plan (originally published in august in the armed forces journal) finally coming to the light of day. but similar stories involving key players of the underbelly abound every week. and it is the stuff that makes the least wanted stars shine. in that "stuff" lie the list of the real "least wanted americans".

having said all that, keep up the list my friend... good work and a brilliantly catchy touch at that.

and best to you and your extended family as you spend another in a long list of reclaimation weekends down there in kenner.