Thursday, September 07, 2006



Okay, maybe it's not quite being called up by the majors, but it's at least being called up to Single A, so I'm happy. (For those not getting the reference, professional baseball is divided up according to skill level. There's the major leagues at the top, followed by Triple A, then Double A, Single A, then summer leagues and rookie leagues.)

What's all this about, you ask? Well, this morning I was checking out my site stats, as I usually do, and I took a look at my referrers, which let's me track where my readers are coming from. Most referrers are from my various blog pimping excursions to various comments sections throughout the left blogosphere, but today I found an odd one that I hadn't seen before. It was from, so I clicked it to see what this site was and why people were going from there to me. Turns out, the site is General Wesley Clark's PAC, and they had given me a mention over in their "Blog Buzz" section along with such luminaries as Daily Kos, Huffington Post, Ezra Klein and Atrios. Heady company indeed!
Yesterday, I wrote an article ridiculing Neil Cavuto while praising General Wesley Clark over his appearance on Cavuto's show. Clark just steamrolled every one of Cavuto's talking points. The facts are on our side and the general calmly and assuredly made his case based on those facts. Given how most Dems/Liberals are shouted down in these settings, Clark availed himself well and he deserves all the praise he's gotten.
Now, I'm assuming that there's some sort of automated program or something that scans the internet and blogs to find stories with keywords like the general's name and stuff, so it's not like ole Wesley was trolling around one night and happened on my site, but I'm still psyched to get my first mention on another website (that was not produced by me!). Here's a screencap:

I think Stimpy from "Ren &" fame sums up my feelings on this one: JOOOOOY!


Red Stater said...

No automated programs at SecuringAmerica, just dedicated volunteers.

Blog Buzz at Securing America is a way to call attention to substantive posts about General Clark for the Clark Community.

You can also bet that he read your post.
So congratulations!

Russ Weiss said...

I came here from your "blog pimping" on Americablog.

Damn, now I've got another "favorite" added!

Thanks for the referrel.

budpaul said...

Thank you, sir, for the "favorite."