Monday, September 04, 2006



Please excuse the lack of posting today. After averaging about 4-5 insightful and witty articles a day for the past three weeks, I'm taking it easy while I visit family. We just got back from a little swimming (Gracie's becoming very brave in the pool) and are getting ready to have some lunch. Later on, we've got a family fantasy football league and today's the draft so we'll be doing that for a few hours. I'll let you know what my roster looks like later.
I've actually got a couple of things percolating in my noggin today so expect a full slate of snark from me tomorrow and maybe a quickie tonight.
Thanks for coming by.

UPDATE: We had our fantasy football draft and I think I made out pretty well. I won't give the whole lineup, but some of the highlights on the roster include QB Donovan McNabb, RBs Rudi Johnson, Cadillac Williams and Reggie Bush and WRs Torry Holt, Santana Moss and Hines Ward. I'm fairly satisfied with my team going into the season, which starts Thursday night. I hope to break out of the funk I've been in for the last three years and this could be the team to do it.

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microdot said...

Lazy Day? Hey man, your output is incredible. I neglect my own blog just trying to read the stuff you post here!
Great work!