Friday, September 22, 2006



The Bullmoose was at it again, felating his favorite former Democratic senator from Connecticut, Joe Lieberman, while also expending a little tongue action on his Republican of choice, John McCain. Why all the icky manlove? Well, Bullmoose decided to pen a little piece entitled "Courage" in which he "applauds politicians who sail against the wind", in this case, McCain and Lieberman. He gives Joe a few strokes for standing against the tide of the crazy lefty bloggers (and a majority of the American population) who called Joe on his support of Bush's insane Iraq policies. He then pumped on McCain's chubby a bit by siting his fight against the Bush torture push.
Here's the rub, so to speak. Joe has not mentioned Iraq, nor has he even come close to commenting on Iraq over the last few weeks. He's mum, won't say a word. He gave a freaking foreign policy speech earlier in the week and the word "Iraq" did not depart his mouth the entire time. Then there's McCain, who's principles are so strong that he folded like a tent this past Thursday on the torture issue. Like always, McCain pushed the "Maverick" narrative only so long as it didn't actually obstruct Bush's plans.
After finishing this disgusting display, Bullmoose wipes the spittle from his mouth with these final words: "Joe Lieberman and John McCain serve as role models for all politicians. There is far too much pandering and timidity in American politics. We need leaders with gumption and guts. Like John and Joe." Yes, leaders who so principled that they are afraid to talk about Iraq and leaders with such gumption that they won't stand up to Bush's call to torture, torture early and torture often. With leaders like that, who needs enemies?

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