Friday, September 01, 2006

Since most of you reading this have never been here before, you should know that this is my version of Friday Cat Blogging. I don't own a cat. I'm not a big fan of cats. But what I do have is my daughter, who I never miss an opportunity to show off. She's two and a half years old and she's the center of my world. So, what has she been up to over the past week?
Well, this week's pottytraining has been going better than the previous week. No big accidents in the house, though she did, um... "excuse herself" outside when she saw Otto, her dog, doing it. She also just had a little accident at Grandma's house (we're visiting them in New Orleans over the Labor Day holiday) but it was no biggie so she's happy and dry again.
Oh, and she said to tell everyone Happy Labor Day!

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momskids said...

She's beautiful. You should be proud.