Friday, September 01, 2006



Seriously, I really thought that I was about done with Ann Coulter. Her act is boring; tired. One can only be shocked so much before the effect wears off. But if there's one thing that really piques my curiosity, it's when Ann "puts out a hit" on a public figure. First, some history...

Ann has a storied past when it comes to her desire to see people she dislikes lying dead in a gutter. She really shows no bias as far as their line of work - she's advocated the death of Supreme Court justices, members of Congress, the media and even the president of the United States while he was still in office.
The fact that she is so rarely called on this sort of behavior is probably what bothers me more than anything. If a liberal were to go on television spouting some of the things she's said, that person would be crucified in the public square, but if Coulter does it, well then that's just Ann being Ann. After all, she's always such a good guest with such fascinating insights into the world of politics. Not that I ever will, but I couldn't imagine spending any amount of time with this woman. Think about it. A person who, in every public appearance she makes, seems to drip hatred and nastiness and disdain for those who disagree with her narrow point-of-view. I cannot imagine her being an even remotely pleasant person to be around, unless you're one her of syncophant friends who smells as much of vodka and hate as she does.
Her most recent victim of an "Ann-Hit" is Senator Lincoln Chafee, a moderate Republican from Rhode Island who is in serious jeopardy of losing his seat in a primary to a hardcore rightwinger.
Writing recently for her online column on the website Human Events, the headline of her piece was "They Shot the Wrong Lincoln" as she calls out her Republican brethren for supporting Chafee and not the certified nutjob opponent, who, if he were to win the primary, will have absolutely no chance of winning the general election. Chafee actually polls well against the Democratic opponent, which is why the rank and file are support Chafee in the primary, much to Ann's chagrin.
In the past, Ann has advocated the "permanent removal" of a number of opponents. When speaking of the media in general Ann said, "Would that it were so! ... That the American military were targeting journalists." She also said that if the New York Times executive editor Bill Keller were convicted of treason (for exercising free speech rights; a truly treasonable offense) she'd be open to debate on how he should be put down.
Ann believes that someone should put rat poison into Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens' food. That Ann, what a kidder.
She's taken a "shot" at Pensylvania Congressman John Murtha, claiming that he is the reason why soldiers invented fragging - military slang for intentionally killing a member of one's own unit.
And finally, she's gone after the big man himself, President Bill Clinton. During the whole Monica Lewinsky nonsense, Ann felt that the argument should focus on whether to impeach him or assassinate him. Yes, she said assassinate. About a sitting president. She's a subtle one, isn't she?
But I guess that's Ann being Ann.

[Footnote: all links to Ann's various "contracts" can be found at Media Matters.]


Claire said...

Ah, you've been watching Fox, I see. Wasn't that line written a couple of books ago?

Fade said...

Can some of these people sue her? They really let the moonbats on the right wing side say whatever they want.