Thursday, September 21, 2006



The Allen Senate campaign continues its slow burn to November defeat with this little tidbit from campaign manager Dick Wadhams (if ever there was a radio disc jockey name, that would be it) - he's whining about how "paid bloggers" (financed by his opponent, Jim Webb) won't let go of the fact that Felix's reaction when asked about his family's Jewish heritage was so out of left field. The short version: during a debate, a moderator asked his mother's father was Jewish. Felix flew off the handle and complained that the moderator was "making aspersions about people because of their religious beliefs."
Of course, the modus operandi of this campaign is that whenever there's a misstep, there will be a denial, a strong denial, a qualified apology, a rant about how the media is attacking them for no reason and finally another strong denial. I think that's basically how it went for the infamous Macaca controversy.
Well, it seems for this controversy they're right on schedule. In a way, I agree with Wadhams - it is sort of a nonissue. In the grand scheme of things, it matters little that Felix's grandfather was Jewish (except maybe to his KKK friends, but that's another story). It's just that their successive rants and denials make it impossible not for us bloggers to keep bringing it up, if for no other reason than their screeching over whatever controversy they're embroiled in during a given week just gets more and more preposterous.
Basically, this campaign may actually have the worst damage control operation this side of Joe Lieberman keystone campaigners. And that's really saying something. Bloggers live for this kind of stuff. The fact that this campaign has a proven track record of failing to effectively deal with even the simplest dustups is like catnip to us. So much so that many of us do it for free (though if someone with the Webb camp wants to cut me a check, just let me know).


Bush Bites said...

Seems like the great neoconservative hopes to follow Bush--Frist and Allen--are both melting down.

It must make McCain happy. Though, frankly, I don't think the country will be in any mood for a lizard-faced Bush ass-kisser in 2008.

Anonymous said...

The reporter's question was a typical anti-Semitic attack by the left.

GOP will maintain control of BOTH houses of congressin 06.


Tobey said...

Asking if one's grandfather is Jewish = an anti-semitic attack? Huh, didn't know that.

Oh, one other thing, how can you guarantee something when you don't even put your name on the comment?

bilgeWater said...

For the ignorant here (all?)---
The fact that it matters any more than what kind of shoes his cousin is wearing,says that you are all anti semitic.
The fact that you are NOT confused and wondering why it is worth mentioning--or not mentioning---shows that you are not afraid to express your prejudice against Jews but would you have the same bluster in decrying anyone's affiliation with Islam?
C'mon! Get up and make a big noise about someone's Muslim background. And say it like it should bring shame.
And do it indignantly!
I dare you!

That's what I thought~!!!