Friday, September 08, 2006



I just wanted to give a quick "welcome back" to the "Votemaster" and his website, the Electoral Vote tracking website. Now, obviously, there are no electoral votes to track this year, so he's using the template to track Senate and House races.
Back during the '04 election, his website was a must-read EVERY SINGLE DAY for me. If I wasn't at a computer on a given morning, I would use my cellphone to access the site and check the latest polling numbers. I, and apparently many other people were addicted to it. I've read in a couple of places the he was getting something like 700,000 hits a DAY, so he was obviously onto something. Unfortunately, because the Votemaster was a Kerry fan, that made his site the target of right wing hackers who didn't like that he was ... reporting polls. Rarely if ever did he actually ever say anything even remotely partisan. He was just a guy tracking the polls and doing it in a graphically smooth way. I never quite understood why the wingers had such a hard-on against him, but I guess I'm wasting my time trying to figure out why right-wingers say and do what they do most of the time.
After the election there was nothing more to track so he put the site on a hiatus of sorts, but left the information up for archival purposes, and I found myself visiting it on occasion over the last year or so. I would always feel nostolgic going back and checking it out because it would take me back to a time when I still had hope that Kerry would win and the American people would not have another election stolen like in 2000. Ah, to dream.
Anyway, he's back up and running, this time concentrating mostly on Senate races, and I gotta tell ya, this guy is chock full of all kinds of interesting stuff. I personally think that this site is a little better than but that could just be that I'm more comfortable at Electoral Vote given how much time I spent there two years ago. Both of the sites, though, along with Election Central over at TPM Cafe are the places to go for the latest in polling fun.

Coming up in a couple of hours (about 4pm), the votes will be tabulated and I'll have the third edition of THE WORST PEOPLE OF THE WEEK. Stay tuned....

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