Monday, September 25, 2006



I swear to you, this woman is a gift; a gift that keeps on giving. I've blogged about Jean Schmidt about a month ago. There I chronicled a story of how she may or may not have fudged on a story about her ability to run a marathon in certain amount of time. At the time, I griped about how there simply must be more important things to worry about than this pitiful story.
Well, the newest story, probably qualifies as "more important" and it's also a heckuva lot more damning. It seems Ms. Schmidt is a plagarist. The DCCC has all the gory details.

Jean Schmidt added another blatant deception to her long list of publicly-exposed lies this week when she published an op-ed about Medicare Part D in the Community Press and Recorder that is almost identical to a press release issued by Congresswoman Deborah Pryce (R-Columbus) on July 10 of this year.
What I find extra funny about this is that Schmidt cribbed off of a fellow Buckeye. She couldn't go swipe something from some Republican in Wyoming or Alabama, where the chances of reading identical op-eds shrinks drastically compared to the possibility of someone in her state reading op-eds in some Columbus and Cincinnati papers. It's like a boy turning in a paper that his brother wrote a year ago for the same teacher teaching the same class. So not only is she a liar and a cheat, but she's also an idiot. But then was that ever really in doubt?

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Larry Epke said...

Well, the article was circulated to them from the House Republican Conference, so neither of them really wrote it - some flunky somewhere did their thinking for them.