Wednesday, September 06, 2006



I'm never one to have the very latest breaking news here at AMERICA'S LEAST WANTED, but I was just watching the new and improved (?) CBS Evening News with Katie Couric. Katie had landed an exclusive with His Dumbness when he freely offered up the following statement:

"One of my hardest jobs as president is connecting Iraq with the war on terror."

Yes, Captain Numbskull, I suppose that that would be something of a hard job given that there is NO CONNECTION WITH IRAQ AND THE WAR ON TERROR!!! The fact that you label the task "one of your hardest jobs" seems to indicate that you may have a subconcious understanding there there is no link. Or perhaps the American people (the non-kool aid drinking ones, at least) just aren't buying your BS anymore and you're finding it harder and harder to peddle your wares.

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