Friday, September 08, 2006



I just ran across this over at Eschaton and followed it to the source, a site called xenophile. It was just so well done and hit the entire issue on the head that I just had to post it.
I also thought about the line "A Republican Wet Dream" and I tried to think if there would be such a thing as a Democratic Wet Dream in reference to 9/11 as I was considering some sort of parody. But then, it occurred to me that in a Dem's wet dream of 9/11, the horrific event would never have occurred. In a Dem wet dream, Bush would have implemented the Cole retaliation plan to go after al Qaeda instead of sitting on it for nine months. In a Dem wet dream, Bush wouldn't have spent the month of August on vacation and would have taken the Presidential Daily Brief seriously.
However, if we must concede that in a Dem wet dream that 9/11 did occur, how would Dems go about making Bush look like total crap like what the right-wingers are attempting to do to Clinton? Honestly, I'm not sure how Dems could make Bush look any worse than he already did that day. Let's see, we could have him sit in a classroom in Florida with a panicked look on his face as he realizes he's completely out of his depth as planes crash into buildings. Wait, that already happened.
Actually, I guess that's the difference between the left and the right; the right looks at 9/11 as just another tool to accumulate more power while the left looks at 9/11 as a solemn day that should always be above politics.
Anyway, didn't mean to get all heavy there. Enjoy the poster.

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