Friday, September 22, 2006



This is probably one of my toughest lists to narrow down since I started doing it a month ago. There are just so many worthy candidates qualifying for the TOP FIVE list this week. I know that some deserving evil bastard is going to get left off. Regardless, I'll do my best. And away we go!

Donald Rumsfeld starts things off at number five a he gives us reason number 2564 for invading Iraq. He wants us to imagine what oil prices would be like if we hadn't. See, Buchco did us a favor at the pumps by going into Iraq. Everyone make sure you thank them come November 7th. Just pick the people with the "D" next to their names. It's stands for how delighted you are with the decision to go to war.

Arriving in the fourth slot is Michael Savage, who blames all the meanness in Congress on the fact that them dern women got elected. Latest reports that I've seen say that Savage has been indiscriminantly hitting random women over the head with a large wooden club and dragging them back to his cave.

At number three is George W. Bush, who spent his being week pushing his torture legislation while also taking the time to look like a big assclown in front of the U.N. Oh, and he also said that it is an urban myth that he's stopped chasing after Osama. Uh huh.

Rep. Geoff Davis (R-KY) makes his first appearance on the TOP FIVE list by trying to kill legislation that would protect American soldiers and their families from predatory lenders. We've since learned that this asshole was bought and paid for by these same lenders, so it's really not all that surprising. Offensively dispicable yes, but not surprising. According to, this is definitely having an effect on his reelection chances, as well it should.
And, at number one, we've got none other than John McCain, or as we like to call him, the MAVERICK. See, the Maverick is such a principled man that he refused to budge on his insistence that America abide by the Geneva Conventions when it comes to not torturing the enemy. He's such a principled man that he folded like a house of cards, just like he always does. He'll act just tough enough to burnish his Maverick credentials for the media, then cave when the chips are down.

Here's the latest tally after five weeks:
George W. Bush - 17 points
Joe Lieberman - 9 points
George Felix Allen Jr. - 8 points
John McCain - 7 points
Donald Rumsfeld - 6 points
Dick Cheney 6 points
ABC - Path to 9/11 - 5 points
Geoff Davis - 4 points
Michelle Malkin - 3 points
Condoleeza Rice - 3 points
Ann Coulter - 3 points
Michael Savage - 2 points
Neil Cavuto - 2 points
John Boehner - 1 point
Frank Gaffney - 1 point
Hugh Hewitt - 1 point

(Points are awarded based on five points for a first place finish, four points for second and so on. Points will be carried over from week to week.)

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t rogers said...

As to your #2 man(Davis), iirc, wasn't this reported on 3or 4 years ago(Christian Science Monitor?). There were 2 or 3 congresspeople involved. That they have been able to drag this out for this long is outrageous. Real support for the troops, huh? They even have officers facilitating this with mandatory sales pitches.