Tuesday, September 12, 2006



Quick civics lesson - did you know that the Speaker of the House of Representatives is third in line for the presidency in the event that the president and vice president cannot serve? Our current Speaker of the House is Dennis Hastert. Dennis Hastert is a Republican. You know Republicans, right? They're the ones that have been wrapping themselves in American flag and calling Democrats unpatriotic and un-American for the past five years.
Well, Speaker Hastert is such a great American that the guy doesn't know the words the National Anthem, or so certain taped footage would indicate. Crooks and Liars has the video. Best (or is it worst) of all, he screws up the beginning. EVERYONE knows the beginning of the Star Spangled Banner, or so I thought. Amazing. I'll refrain from channeling my inner Simon Cowell and so won't be commenting on Hastert's apparent tone-deafness. It just gets my metaphorical panties in a twist when one of the leaders of the "Party of 9/11" and the "Party of True Americans" screws up the freakin' National Anthem.

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