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Big update to the week's TOP TEN as Wednesday has been a real busy day. Unfortunately, most of it has to do with a certain network that seems hellbent on smearing Bill Clinton's legacy and influencing the November elections, but more on that later. Let's get this ball rolling!

At number 10, we've got Rick Santorum, who stood up on Sunday and proudly proclaimed that he'll be going down in a blaze of glory by fully supporting anything and everything Bush. Based on the latest polls, that should just about do it for his two terms in the Senate as the latest Gallup has him down by 18 points.

Russ Mitchell debuts at number nine after lying down for GOP senator McConnell over on Face the Nation last Sunday. McConnell could have said that he likes to eat little babies and our boy Tool wouldn't have batted an eye.

Coming in at number eight, there's Pat Buchanan, who technically should be disqualified from the list this week because I documented his offense a week ago, but since I forget to consider him in the FIVE WORST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD column this past week, he'll get another chance at it this week. He's been kinda quiet this past week, so with that and the competition he's facing, he's probably not going to get on the coveted list.

Neil Cavuto arrives at number seven on the countdown. He came to a fight with his talking points and an unhealthy dose of condescension and General Wesley Clark figuratively beat the crap out of him. It was a site to behold.

Dropping three places to number six is Don King, who claims that blacks didn't vote for Bush in '04 (and 2000, for that matter) because "they don't know any better." Oh, and here I thought it was because the GOP is riddled with racists who never miss an opportunity to let African Americans know exactly where they stand time after time.

Also dropping today is Bill Kristol who falls to number five. He really got under my skin this past weekend when he claimed that Scooter Libby should be pardoned immediately because he didn't really lie about anything important when testifying before the grand jury in the Plame leak case ... like getting a blow job or something.

Oliver North drops out of the top spot (the competition was just to much for him), who resurrected the classic Cheney chestnut that if people vote for Dems this November, then we're all going to die!!!

Condoleeza Rice continues to try to teach us about American history and continues to completely get everything she says wrong, and that has landed her at number three on the list. For the record, Condi, people who disagree with Bush do not also support slavery. That statement is beyond dumb and you keep making Stanford University looker stupider and stupider for naming you provost back in '93.

Dropping in at number two is monkey man himself, George W. Bush, who performed a rare double hit today, first by continuing the Fear and Lies US Tour 2006 and then by actually admitting to Katie Couric that it's one of his hardest jobs when he tries to tie Iraq in with the war on terror. This may be one of the most inadvertently honest things he's ever said.

This week's top story has to go to that ABC Path to 9/11 fiction set to debut this Sunday. The monstrosity, according to insiders is nothing more than a hit piece on Clinton, yet ABC insists that it's totally based on the 9/11 Report. And with each passing day, the story gets more and more bizarre as they first bill the thing as almost a documentary, then as a docudrama, then as just a drama with numerous completely made up scenes that totally fly in the face of the actual 9/11 report that the movie is supposed to completely based on. No less a person than President Clinton himself wanted an advance copy of the film and he was flat out denied, but the movie has been freely distributed to numerous right wing bloggers. Now there are emails floating around saying that while some minor changes have been made, the "blame on the Clinton team is in the DNA of the project could not be eradicated" no matter what. [Quote via Americablog.] I would love to get a name and a face to who is actually pulling the strings on this thing. It's a disgusting display by those with an insidious agenda to hurt America and it needs to be stopped. I again direct you to Think Progress and Americablog, who have been doing some bangup activist work on this.

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