Tuesday, September 19, 2006



Joe Lieberman does not like the taste of his own medicine. Back when he first ran for the Senate back in 1988, he faced incumbent Lowell Weicker. Joe used a line of attack against Weicker that called him on his lack of votes while in the Senate. Basically, Joe was calling Lowell on not doing his job, and it obviously had an effect because Joe won the seat that year.
Now, fast forward eighteen years. Democratic candidate Ned Lamont is calling out Joe for missing many votes during his last few years in the Senate. After all, Joe did take an awful lot of time out of his Senate schedule to campaign for vice president as well as president over the last seven years. And let's not forget the any number of fundraisers that Joe's attended through the years.
Joe's response: he's fightin' mad, dagnabit! So Joe went digging through the records of when Ned was an unpaid city councilman and he missed six votes. So, to Joe, it's basically the same thing to miss votes on a city council as it is to miss votes in the United States Senate, a position that pays a $160,000 a year salary. Did I mention that the city council position is unpaid and Ned was simultaneously running a full-time business, whereas in Joe's position, it's his job to vote, having no other outside interests to deal with? Yeah, that's about the same.
I may be stretching an analogy a bit here, but isn't that sort of like finding out that your wife kissed a boy on the lips back when she was nine as compared to finding out that your wife banged another guy at her bachelorette party? Maybe it's a reach, but it's no worse than what Joe's trying to pull.

(Hat tip David Sirota via Daily Kos.)

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