Thursday, September 07, 2006



Think Progress has a great find involving right-wing commentator Frank Gaffney using an admittedly fictional scene from the upcoming 9/11 "docu-drama" to attempt to justify some inane right wing talking point.
Excerpt of transcript of interview from Think Progress:

GAFFNEY: Well, I gather that the documentary will elaborate on this in a pretty compelling way, that the call was being made from the ground where they thought they had bin Laden surrounded, directly into Sandy Burger, then the president’s national security adviser. At which point, Burger refused to give them the go ahead and hung up on them.
HOST: Which he refutes.
GAFFNEY: I don’t know the facts here. But to the extent that there’s basis for this kind of reporting, I think it suggests a risk averse attitude that was characteristic of the Clinton administration that was justified by a desire not to give offense, not to, you know, cause difficulties in foreign relations of this country.
Emphasis mine. The scene in question has been called "fictionalized" by co-executive producer Thomas Kean. The writer of the film, right-winger Cyrus Nowrasteh, said the scene was "improvised." Of course, this doesn't stop Gaffney from siting it as some sort of proof that Clinton was a big pussy who, like all Democrats, don't have the stones to make the tough decisions when it comes to protecting America.
I just drew a cartoon of Gaffney fondling a little boy. Now, I know that the photo is a fictionalized account of something I would assume has never happened since I don't know the facts here, but I think it suggests a propensity to pedophilic urges and indicates a likely membership in NAMBLA by Gaffney.

Absolutely manufactured evidence that Gaffney molests little boys

Wow, making up stuff and then using it to support your lame-brained arguments is fun!


RandyBastard said...

Wow! Thanks for the information about Gaffney. It looks like he's a dangerous man. I'll make sure all my friends hear about his molestation of little boys too.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh - but I don't know - to the extent that there is some type of basis for this type of reporting, it is time to lock up gaffney for child molestation.