Friday, August 18, 2006



C'mon, you knew it wouldn't be long before Sore Loserman made his way back up top. Why this time? I've got only one question for you - can you smell the hypocrisy? Because if you can, then it probably means that you're standing a little to close to Joeyboy. "Hypocrisy, you say? Where would such a charge come from?" Actually Joseph must be having a special on hypocrisy today, namely two for the price of one. First offense: Joe doesn't like the Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have supported the WINNER of the Democratic Primary in Connecticut earlier this month, Ned Lamont. He hates their freedom to choose whom they wish to support so much that Dan Gerstein, the Lieberman Campaign's communications director referred to Mr. Sharpton and Mr. Jackson as "two of the more divisive and problematic figures in the Democratic Party." Where's the hypocrisy? How about this (via Joe Conason over at -

Not so long ago, he liked to talk about his warm conversation with Jackson on the day that he became a major party's first Jewish vice presidential nominee, his eyes moist and his voice emotional as he recalled Jackson saying "something that went to my heart" about breaking down barriers for everyone. Not so long ago, he called Sharpton his "dear friend" and "brother" during the Democratic presidential primary debate sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus and Fox News.

So, when you're with Joe, you're a dear friend and brother and someone you can share emotional moments with, but when you're against Joe, you're divisive and problematic. Everybody got that?

Offense #2: Apparently the Lieberman camp took issue with Mr. Lamont's hiring of a Mr. Tom D'Amore, a former GOP operative turned Independent. Mr. D'Amore was hired to coordinate campaign strategy for the Lamont campaign back in March of this year, and judging by the results, I'd say it was a good hire. Hypocrisy check? Lieberman just hired a pollster by the name of Neil Newhouse, who has certainly does his share of working for the GOP; in fact, his company "polls for more GOP candidates than any other firm" (via The Hill by way of TPM Cafe), including such party luminaries as Gov. Jeb Bush, Gov. Mitt Romney, Senator Rick Santorum and Senator Pat Roberts.

So, Lamont hires someone who formerly worked for Republicans (and is now a registered Independent [with a capital "I", not a fake small "i" like Joe sort of has] and that's cause for alarm and handwringing by The Joe. But, Joe hires a guy who currently works for Republicans and that's a-okay in his book.

Ah, smell the hypocrisy! Joe, make the earth a better place and drop off of it.


1. Joe Lieberman - see, I knew he'd get back up top.

2. - yep, they made a big move up - more coming soon....

3. Rick "I Love My Dog/I Hate My Dog" Santorum

4. Carl Romanelli - perhaps some clothes shopping and campaign photos are in order to get you out of the classy grey suit, green shirt and white tie. Just a thought.

5. Katherine Harris - latest news: trees did not fall on airplane hanger, but one should fall on her campaign to put her out of misery.

6. George Felix Allen Jr. - Anyone up for a steaming bowl of "MACACA!"

7. Judge Anna "Rule of Law" Diggs Taylor

8. Tramm Howard - all's quiet on the "Blacks don't swim well" front.

9. Cheney - he's out campaigning hard up in the northwest. If I've got the stomach, I may give him some dap later on and move him up some spots.

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