Monday, August 28, 2006



Ah, the righties over at Redstate are always good for a giggle. If guess if for no other reason, I enjoy trying to understand how the think, sort of like figuring out a Rubik's Cube.
The latest target of their wrath, by a poster named Jeff Emanuel, is a lame attack on Senator Hillary Clinton. How lame is it? He basically attacks her because, in an attempt during a speech (or a column) to paint a picture of her vision of the future, she invites her audience to "take a time machine" with her into the year 2020. That's basically it. It's probably not even enough of an offense to be brought up at such a prestigious blog as America's Least Wanted, but the level of pettiness was so profound that I thought I'd mention it anyway.
So, on this journey into the future, (here's a link for the full text of Hillary's thoughts) she hits her standard liberal points, including universal healthcare, the environment and global poverty. I'm sure that they probably had as much to do with Jeff's general disdain for Mrs. Clinton's vision as anything, but to channel that anger into the whole time machine diatribe comes off as silly and counterproductive to me. Instead of engaging Senator Clinton's policy concepts with actual debate, he basically snarks his way through the rest of his piece after the time machine-hate runs out of steam.
Jeff continues by complaining how long Clinton's column is, which to me speaks volumes about the competition on the right that we're dealing with. Apparently, if a message isn't tailored to the size of a Family Circus comic strip punchline, then you're probably going to lose their interest after about two paragraphs.
In the end, after spending a while trying to get into Jeff's head, the only thing I can figure out is that he's got some really bad Hillary-Hate going on, which is ironic considering how much the Left's Bush-Hate is always thrown into Liberals' collective faces. Satisfied by my conclusion as to Jeff's motivations, I unfortunately feel strangely unfulfilled. I suppose that, much like solving a Rubik's Cube, dissecting a rightie's motivations is ultimately an unrewarding experience.

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