Monday, August 21, 2006



As we continue to chronicle the continuing trainwreck that is Katherine Harris' quixotic Senate bid, I thought I'd update on the "if a tree falls on an airplane hanger, except it doesn't, does it mean anything" silliness that I talked about a few days ago here, here's a quick bit of news on the topic.
Supposedly, the alleged scoundrel responsible for this bit of hoodwinking, a Mr. Rhyan Metzler, is a campaign aid for the faltering Harris Campaign, or should I say "was" since he apparently quit of the faux pas. According to Justin Rood over at
TPM Muckraker, "when the inconsistency was noted to the Harris campaign, spokeswoman Jennifer Marks blamed Metzler, the political director, for telling Harris the tree story."
Metzler has claimed, according to the
Palm Beach Post, that the tree incident was 'not necessarily' the reason for his quitting.
Hey, I've got a theory - scapegoat. I know, I know, that's a shocking allegation! Honestly, if I was working for this sinking ship, this is how I'd get off. Indulge me in a little blog theatre:

Marks: "Crap. Katherine is making up stuff again."
Metzler: "Oh, jeez. What now?"
Marks: "Something about a tree falling I think?"
Metzler: "Are you kidding me?! That's it, I've had enough of this Mickey Mouse operation. Have her blame it on me so that I can get outta here."
Marks: "No way! I'm not letting you take the rap on this. It's a golden ticket, and I'm taking it. This woman is dragging me down and I'm trying to make a career here."
Metzler: "Let's be fair - flip you for it?"
Marks: "Oh, alright."

Thanks for the story, Katherine. For it, I'll give you a couple of bumps up the TOP TEN, though at this point, it's like when I was younger and would torment my sister - it's sorta fun at the time, but then I would just feel bad afterwards.

1. George W. Bush
2. Hugh Hewitt
3. Joe Lieberman
4. John McCain
5. Orrin Hatch
6. George Felix Allen Jr.
7. Dick Cheney (+1)
8. Katherine Harris (+2)
9. (-2) - the boys have been quiet over there of late...
10. Rick Santorum (-1) - same goes for Ricky. I've gotta go do a search.

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