Friday, August 18, 2006


I just had to give a shoutout to my boy, Carl, who's running as a Green in the Pennsylvania Senate race that also involves Democratic challenger Bob Casey Jr. vying for the seat of incumbent and Dog Sex Lover Rick Santorum. Naturally, I've got all sorts of love for the Greens considering what they did to the country back in 2000, but this slime gets a little extra attention in my book given the circumstances of the race - namely, his entire campaign is being bought and paid for the the Pennsylvania GOP. Way to be independent, ass. Here's a quirky little quote I found on his campaign website:

"The only wasted vote is one that is not cast with your values and beliefs behind it. Let's stop wasting our votes on candidates that serve interests other than ours."
-Carl Romanelli, March 13 2006

So, Carl. Buddy. Just who's interests are you serving if not your GOP masters, who know full well that you're running will more than likely siphon votes off of Casey? And when questioned about the obvious ties that his candidacy has with the GOP, he feigns ignorance.
Aside from the fact that this guy looks like a big sleaze (the pic above really doesn't do his grey suit, green shirt and white tie justice), the fact that he's using the Green Party to once again screw a Democrat really just makes me ill (though a case could be made that screwing the Democratic Party is the only actual function of the Greens). I'm betting that we haven't seen the last of Carl on this list.

1. Carl Romanelli
2. Judge Anna Diggs Taylor
3. (no juicy headlines so far today)
3. George Felix Allen Jr. (his macaca snafu just isn't going away)
5. Tramm Hudson
6. Cheney
7. Loserman

(I hope to have an actual TOP TEN by the weekend, as I wanted it to be an organic thing and not just jam offenders on there, which I think happened on a couple of these bozos; not that the peeps in question wouldn't eventually get up here, but I'll try to be current with the list over the next few days.)

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