Friday, August 25, 2006


I'd like to introduce you to three things. Number one is my own personal version of Friday Cat Blogging. Not actually having a cat (as I'm convinced their one and only reason for existence is planetary domination) I had to develop my own vision. So welcome to Friday Gracie Blogging (with occasional guest appearances by Otto).

Number two and the main jist of Friday Gracie Blogging is Gracie Olivia. Gracie was born one day before my 31st birthday on February 2, 2004. She's a sweet little girl who I'm told speaks very well for her age, but is unfortunately going through a phase where she is asserting her independence by fighting us on the whole poddy-training thing. She does it well at the montessori school she attends a few hours a day, but once she gets home it's no dice.

Number three on the list is Otto, our new dog (and last line of defense against the cat world domination plot). We just got him about three weeks ago. I'm no fan of his as he is still a puppy so he tends to chew on stuff and pee and poop in the house. I can just feel my house's resale value plummeting. Still he's not a bad dog, so like I tell my wife, I've gone from "disdain for him" to "tolerating him." It's a process.

Hope you enjoy. Coming up soon, I'll have the first edition of...



Anonymous said...

Too cute for words.

Anonymous said...

Ditto--awfully cute.

Mom said...

Although I am extremely prejudiced, I think Grace and Otto are the cutest and best in the world. As for her control over the potty issue, it is just that - control. She is her father's child!She will do it when she is ready.

As for your feelings of disdain or tolerance for Otto, you do not fool me.
You are falling in love with that dog.

I do not always know what you are talking about in your blog, but I'm very proud of you.

Love, Mo