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The man who, if elected in 2008, would be the oldest person elected to the office in the nation's history (he would be 72, three years older than when Reagan took office) has certainly walked a strange path from his alleged "Maverick" days of the 2000 primary season (all credit to Atrios):

Shorter John McCain on MTP:
"The administration has done the wrong thing for the last 3 and a half years which leaves us with no option other than staying the course."

Wow, that makes a titload of sense, doesn't it?

McCain sez: "Most Americans, when they're asked if they want to set a date for withdrawal, say no."

CNN poll:
"Which comes closer to your view about U.S. troops in Iraq? The U.S. should set a timetable for withdrawal by announcing that it will remove all of its troops from Iraq by a certain date. The U.S. should keep troops in Iraq as long as necessary without setting any timetable for withdrawal."
Options rotated. Half sample, MoE ± 4.5.8/2-3/06 Timetable 57 No timetable 40 Unsure 4

CBS poll:
"Do you think the United States should or should not set a timetable for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq?"

Should 56 Should not 40 Unsure 4

USA Today Gallup:
"Here are four different plans the U.S. could follow in dealing with the war in Iraq. Which ONE do you prefer? Withdraw all troops from Iraq immediately. Withdraw all troops by August 2007, that is, in 12 months' time. Withdraw troops, but take as many years to do this as are needed to turn control over to the Iraqis. OR, Send more troops to Iraq."

Options rotated.Withdraw immediately 19% Withdraw by August 2007 33% Takes as Long as Needed 38% Send More Troops 7% Unsure 2%

Fox News Poll:
Pull out by year-end 27% Pull out all over the next year
31% After Iraqis capable 33% send more 4%

My only hope is that between now and the Republican primaries that the American public realize that this guy is full of it and his straight talk nonsense is just that - nonsense.

1. John McCain
2. Orrin Hatch
3. Joe Lieberman
5. Dick Cheney
6. Rick Santorum
7. Carl Romanelli
8. Katherine Harris
9. George Felix Allen Jr.
10. Tramm Howard

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