Saturday, August 26, 2006



Starting things off at #5 we've got Mr. Hugh Hewitt, who among other things had this to say about Dems:
Trusting the national security to Democrats is like trusting a moving car to a four year old, or the management of a vast company to the junior high school business club. Neither the child nor the preteens want to wreck the car or ruin the corporation, but both results are near inevitable.
Well done, Captain Condescension.
#4 goes to John McCain. This week, his Maverick alter ego had returned, and then promptly scurried back into the undisclosed location it goes to when McCain is courting right wingers. After coming out earlier this week to sort of criticize Bush' lack of transparency about the high costs of the Iraq War, he backpedaled on Thursday once again scurring up Bush's hind quarters and stating basically that Bush is doing a heckuva job with the war and with informing Americans. Long live the Maverick.
#3 is Mr. Joe Lieberman. Sigh... what more can I say? He continues his crusade of sabotage against the party he purports to love with his Connecticut for Lieberman campaign of egotism. It's been a big week for him as the national GOP has de facto embraced him as their candidate (even though he votes liberal over 90% of the time I'm told). The polls seem to reflect that Dems and Independents that supported him in the primary are beginning to move away from him and he announced on Friday that he refuses to back Democratic Congressional candidates Diane Farrell, Joe Courtney and Chris Murphy. See, it's important to concentrate on his campaign so he cannot be bothered with saying something as simple as, "Yes, of course I support them, being the strong Democratic candidates that they are, however, I cannot be expected to campaign with them given my struggle to hold onto my Senate seat." Actually, Joe's decision to hang them out to dry may be the best thing for those candidates. Distancing oneself from Lieberman, if you're a Democrat, is definitely a good thing.
#2 is none other than Senator George Felix Allen Jr. and his bumbling band of idiots surrounding him. This is a campaign group that is so stupefyingly idiotic that they are incapable of admitting a mistake and apologizing for it. Of course, that doesn't stop them from lying about apologizing and coming with excuses of how macaca doesn't really mean what everyone knows it means and then, the refuge of last resort of assheads worldwide, it's the LeftWing Media's fault. And this is the man who would be president. God help us. Late update: Allen reportedly tracked down the offended party and finally apologized for his insensitive remarks. Uh huh. So, which is it? Was it all a vast media attack and a misinterpretation of what was said, or were they insensitive remarks? Do you repudiate what your own campaign manager said about the incident, Mr. Felix? When Dems issue conflicts statements, they are called to task and ask to explain the conflict (or they're just called a flip-flopper). I would expect no less from an aspiring presidential contender.
And finally, after his press conference this past Tuesday, how could George W. Bush not find himself at #1? Seriously, it's a no-brainer. That presser (only his second one of the entire year) was a tour de force of tics and shrugs and incredulousness and all other series of mannerisms that made it perfectly clear that he would rather be getting a colonoscopy than standing in front of a room of reporters. We learned so much during that painful viewing experience. Did you know that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11? Amazingly, so does Bush. Or course, this was the first time he'd flat-out admitted it and thereby contradicted so many of his lieutenants through the years, so it kind of a big deal. His views on Iraq: We will never leave as long as I'm president. NO MATTER WHAT! It doesn't matter what's happening on the ground, Bush is adamant. Let's see, he made fun of a reporter's outfit not once but twice. Oh, and he taught me a new word, peroration, which he helpfully told me to look it up. He had such a twinkle in his eye when he said it, like he had just read it off of a Word-of-the-Day toilet paper roll earlier and decided to shoehorn the word in to sound intelligent. Mission accomplished, sir.

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microdot said...

It was pretty sweet to see Tony Blankely trash McCain on The McGlaughlin Report today. When the going gets tough, they eat their own!!!!