Friday, August 18, 2006

So I mentioned in my last post that the boys over at got bumped up a few ticks from their previous spot. Here's why:
Featured tonight over at Redstate is a photo of Ned Lamont handing out little flags. Their problem with this basically meaningless gesture is their claim that Ned needs to "scoot to the middle" and this is his effort at doing that. Now, can anyone tell me why this is bothersome? Why, it's the conceit that to hand out flags would move a candidate to the middle because obviously those of us on the Left become physically ill when we even hear the word, "patriotic"!
That alone is enough to give them the bump, but (and I'm breaking with my rather limited tradition here by posting a non-enhanced/altered photo) take a look at the photo itself and look closely...

Do ya see it? Upon initial inspection, everyone can tell that he's not even handing out American flags, so what the hell is the deal?! Now, stare it at a little closer - something looks off on both hands and the label on the box seems sort of off as well, so all signs are pointing to this thing being photoshopped. Hey, there's something else, the flags are made in FRANCE!! Oh, those funny funny folks! France=pussy ass surrender monkeys, and Lamont is holding their white (though they appear pink, but that would make even less sense) flags so he's a total pussy surrender monkey, too. Man, these guys are sharp.

So, after I picked myself up off the floor, you know, from all the laughter (or was it dry-heaving), I decided to check out the site apparently taking credit for this masterful commentary on Mr. Lamont,

Apparently it is a site that specializes in weird and occasionally humorous (they call it satire and parody, for what it's worth) photoshopping of images. A cursory evaluation leaves me with a feeling of "meh" but I'm sure somebody digs it somewhere, so knock yourselves out.

Now, what I'm trying to figure out, in reference to the Lamont photo, is why would Ned handing out pinkish flags that were made in France be humorous? Are the flags actually supposed to be white, since he's ... surrendering, I guess? Is it supposed to be some sort of equation that because Democrats favor a different strategy in Iraq, then that means we're surrendering? Bit of a reach and kind of simplistic, but then again, nuanced foreign policy is a concept that has always alluded the Right. Then again, maybe I'm missing something. Perhaps it's too highbrow for me. After all, I thought Magnolia was a crappy movie, so I guess I don't get some things in life.

All that being said, why would Redstate put this up on their website? They've never really struck me as the clever sort so I'm sure that they are not getting into the whole white flag/surrender thing. Plus, given the fact that they imply that Lamont is attempting to court the middle with this unabashed show of patriotism, they obviously didn't happen to notice that there weren't any, you know, stars and stripes on the flags!!! And just so there's no (more) confusion, here's the exact line from Redstate: "Knowing he has to scoot to the middle, Ned Lamont attempts to prove he's Patriotic by handing out flags at his Connecticut campaign headquarters!" So now the Middle are surrender monkeys too and handing out white flags is the way to court their vote? My brain starts to hurt when I try to figure out the reasons why these guys say some of the things they do.

So, here's a double "BOOOO!" to my boys over at Redstate. Boo #1 for assuming that the Left is unpatriotic and showing us an American flag is like throwing holy water on a vampire, and Boo #2, for using a photoshopped image that completely blows your entire point right out of the water. Well done, numbnuts.

1. Joe Lieberman
3. Rick Santorum
4. Carl Romanelli
5. Katherine Harris
6. George Felix Allen Jr.
7. Judge Anna Diggs Taylor
8. Tramm Howard
9. Dick Cheney

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