Thursday, August 17, 2006

Let's get this party started, boys and girls. We'll start with the Big Three:

Mr. Macaca himself, George Felix Allen Jr.
Whether it's the fact that he called an opponent's videographer what is most like a derogatory slur, the fact that he gives backhanded and qualified apologies or the fact that the explanation for the faux pas keeps changing by the hour, this tool is awarded the top slot this afternoon (unless someone else comes along).

Tricky Dick Cheney:
and it's for something that's actually been bugging me over the last few days. When Ned Lamont secured the Democratic nomination for Senate in Connecticut a couple of weeks ago, I thought in passing the back of my head, "Huh, I wonder what those tools in the White House think of that," and then immediately figured that I'd never know since it would be totally inappropriate for a Republican administration to comment on a Democratic Primary. Oops, my bad. Silly me, what was I thinking.

(Soon to be former) Senator Joe Lieberman (cfl-CT)
Alright, this guy's on the list until he drops out of his one-man party ego trip.
Let it go, Joe!

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