Thursday, August 24, 2006


Just wanted to give everyone a little heads up for some of the things coming on Friday.
- First up, I have a little fun at Mean Jean Schmidt's expense (that oughta be up first thing tomorrow morning).
- I'll be doing a little pop culture as I've got some thoughts on the new season of Survivor.
- And, if time permits and I'm feeling ambitious enough, I've been formulating some thoughts and concepts in my head on a pretty big subject. Not sure if I've got the stones to really do it justice yet, but I might be willing to take a stab at it.
- I'll also be debuting a new feature as I tabulate my TOP TEN lists to bring you the very first "TOP FIVE WORST OF THE WEEK!!!"
- And finally, as it is tradition in this grand thing we call a blogosphere, I'll be debuting my own personal version of Friday Cat Blogging (except there won't be any cats because, well, I don't own any).
And, lest I forget, given that Fridays tend to be news dump days, I'm sure that there will be a couple of offenders that could qualify for the daily TOP TEN, so be on the lookout for that.

Oh, and please excuse the lack of a TOP TEN for Thursday. To do the feature justice, I really have to get a solid grasp on what's going on in the news and with the peeps on the list right now, but I am unfortunately not able to get that grasp as I'm in a little hotel in Clinton, Mississippi on business so I'm not feeling my usual groovy self. Lack of the creature comforts of home, I suppose.

As always, thanks for visiting my little corner of the massive entity known as the Liberal Blogosphere. According to the press, we are all-powerful, but sometimes we need naps.

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