Thursday, August 31, 2006


Busy day today as the TOP TEN continues to fill itself out nicely. We've got two new entrants and a surprise move up the charts. Onward, faithful readers!

Starting things off at number nine, we've got the Maverick (except when he's not the maverick and is cuddling with the Religious Right) John McCain. Again, nothing new out of his grill; either of them.

At number eight, there's Jack Kemp. He's still set to campaign with Sore Loserman Ver. 2.0. Half the people are saying, "Jack who?" while the other half wonders, "Why Kemp?"

George Felix Allen Jr. drops a spot to number seven. After calling a campaign worker from his opponent's camp, MACACA, and subsequently seeing his poll leads disappear, Felix sacced up and apologized. Now he's back to blaming the media for the dustup. Oh, and he like's hanging out with the KKK, er I mean CCC.

Dropping a couple of notches is Dick "Straw Man" Cheney at number six. You know, some say that it's okay for Cheney to club baby seals using the same bat that he wantonly beats his own wife with, but I disagree with them. I think that type of behavior is wrong.

The number five slot today belongs to Joe Lieberman, who today says that he expects 'cool reception' from his FORMER Democratic colleagues when he returns to Washington soon. Yeah, stabbing your former party in the back to feed your own ego has a way of pissing people off. Whodathunkit?

Making a big jump today (and here I thought she'd be gone in no time) is Ann Coulter, jumping from number seven all the way up to number four! Why the big jump? Well, when you continue to advocate the death of political opponents, I tend to take special note. Her latest wannabe victim is none other than Republican senator, Lincoln Chafee. See, the title of her latest column is entitled, "They Shot the Wrong Lincoln[.]" I'll be getting into Ms. Coulter in depth tomorrow, where I can really explore her bloodlust. Come on back and check it out.

Today's number three is none other than last week's WORST PERSON OF THE WEEK, George W. Bush. He began his big PR push today, henceforth known as FEAR, SMEAR AND LIES - U.S. TOUR 2006. The first stop was in Salt Lake City where he continued the same talking points and oversimplifications that got us into this mess in the first place.

Debuting tonight for the first time in the TOP TEN is none other than Sean Hannity. Continuing along the same lines as his good buddy, Ann Coulter, he seemed to advocate that it is worth one's life to stop Nancy Pelosi from assuming the House Speaker position if the Dems are able to regain control this November. Scroll down two posts for my full thoughts.

And staying in the top spot for the second day in a row, Donald H. Rumsfeld. The fallout of his comments including mine are reverberating around, including a masterful diatribe by Keith Olbermann that shouldn't be missed. Oh, and not wanting to be left out, the LA Times got into the act as well. Of course, the administration stands firmly behind his comments, as evidenced by Dan Bartlett's support on Hardball (to which I'm still trying to find a transcript). Basically, Danny sees no problem with Rummy's statements. Of course you don't, sir.


kylie said...

Yes, I think Rumsfeld thought Dems would cower like sniveling idiots at his Nazi sympathizer seems to have just quickened the pace of collapse of support for the war..................
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budpaul said...

Blogger isn't too bad. It's taken a little getting used to, but I think we've developed an acceptable working relationship.
I just had a friend who started using Wordpress from Live Journal so I'll ask him what he thinks.
Thanks for the comments.