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Look, I understand that I'm not breaking new ground when I criticize this pathetic excuse for a human being. I get it; she's a a screeching siren, yelling ever louder about the evil threat facing America, the godless and slanderous liberals. She has long since become a caricature of herself, forced to bellow louder and louder in the hopes that her words will have the same impact that they used to. Unfortunately for her, she's all but reached her point of saturation. There's really nothing else that can be said by her that will really be taken seriously by anyone other than the breathless talking heads as they lap up her bitter brand of kooky-juice. There are even those on the Right who find her shrill; occasionally useful, but shrill nonetheless. She's running out of attacks that are really shocking, and because of this, she's starting saying things that are just flat-out dumb. Which brings us to today's post.
While making her umpteenth appearance on Hannity & Colmes she said two things that made me hit the rewind button on my TiVo twice, not because the two comments were particularly shocking, mind you; I think it was because they fall more accurately into the realm of "batshit crazy."
When challenged by guest liberal/moderate Kirsten Powers (sitting in for Colmes) about the Bush Administration's failure to capture Osama bin Laden, she first said that bin Laden was "irrelevant" and likened him to "a fading movie star[.]" She further stepped in her own batshit-craziness by claiming that "[T]hings are going swimmingly in Afghanistan."
Now, some might describe someone like... I don't know, Tom Cruise, as a fading movie star (I wouldn't, but I guess someone could make a case), but, to date, Mr. Cruise's biggest offense was jumping up and down on Oprah's couch. Bin Laden on the other hand is directly responsible for the deaths of almost 3000 Americans. Because of that, to most Americans, bin Laden is the exact opposite of irrelevant! Just because Bush himself has been trying to make the case for bin Laden's irrelevancy since March of 2002 (just six months after 9/11, mind you) doesn't mean that the American public is buying it.
And just how swimmingly are things going in Afghanistan? Let's ask an authority on the subject, Lieutenant General David Richards, head of Nato's international security force in Afghanistan(from the The Guardian via Media Matters): General Richards "described the situation in the country as 'close to anarchy' with feuding foreign agencies and unethical private security companies compounding problems" caused by local corruption." Yeah, that sounds like the very definition of "swimmingly" to me.
See, whatever credibility Coulter may (or more likely doesn't) have, it just evaporates when she comes up with goofball stupidity like that. Even a mildly, intellectually honest conservative/right winger (and I have to believe that some exist) would acknowledge that Ann is totally off her nut and that statements like this are simply indefensible. If only the networks would stop giving her a soapbox from which to hurl her crazy nut grenades from, then perhaps she, like bin Laden, would become irrelevant.

-Dedicated to my good friend, Company Niki, who, upon reading this blog for the first time, wondered why I hadn't done a Coulter post yet. This one's for you.

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