Thursday, August 17, 2006

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Tramm Hudson
Republican Nominee for FL-13
Tramm's the presumptive GOP nominee to take over Katherine Harris' House seat as she attempts career suicide by running for the Senate. Well, Tramm's hopes of getting the seat just took a big hit with what is undoubtedly the most bone-headed statement of the day (so far):

"I grew up in Alabama, and I understand, and I know this from my own experience, that blacks are not the greatest swimmers or may not even know to swim."

This statement is so bad that the folks over it Crazyland (aka my favorite site, Redstate) actually had the video first and they're dying as they know what he said is horrendously boneheaded. Yet, some still hope for some sort of justification, as if the context of the statement would somehow mitigate the moronic-ness of the statement itself.
Redstater Erick (who posted the vid) had this to say:

I would, however, be interested to see what Mr. Hudson said after this point in the film, which we don't have available, to see if there was any possible way to mitigate what he just said. But I'm at a loss at to what he could have said to mitigate that.

Some of the commenters are priceless as they attempt to offer up excuses while knowing deep down that this sort of gaffe is just amazing in its stupidity.

Here's the video, courtesy of TPM Cafe.

For his part, Trammy has issued an apology, which is more than we can say for George Felix Allen Jr.:

“I said something stupid. I apologize for it and would apologize in person to anyone hurt by my comments. To those who are understandably offended, you have my deepest apologies and I want you to know that it was out of character for me and those who know me know that to be a fact. This was a thoughtless remark that does not reflect my lifetime commitment to treating everyone fairly and without bias. I apologize to everyone who is offended by this comment.”

I guess he hopes that the apology will help what would normally be a PR disaster, but for a district that twice elected Katherine Harris to Congress, I hold out little hope as to their level of intelligence, much less their desire to punish such a bonehead.

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