Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Frank H. Murkowski

I urge everyone reading this to take a seat before going any further. Something amazing and wonderful has happened in this long and winding experiment called democracy. You may not have even heard about it as it occured in a far off land called... Alaska! See, last night Governor Frank H. Murkowski lost his bid for reelection when he lost decisively in the GOP primary. He placed third with only 19% of the vote. But what is truly a watershed moment in the history of democracy is the fact that Murkowski will NOT form his own one-man party, Murkowski for Alaska, or MfA, and attempt to hold onto his position by continuing to run. He will NOT spit in the face of the primary voters in the hopes of giving the entire electorate, and not just those ungrateful Republican voters, a chance to vote on whether he should remain as governor. He will NOT undermine the the winner of the GOP primary, Sarah Palin, by simultaneously accusing her of dragging their party too far to the right while simultaneously claiming that he is the one true conservative in this race. Murkowski will NOT stick around and badmouth Ms. Palin, thereby dragging down the entire Republican Party and severely hurting his party's chances of making gains in gubernatorial races across the country.
Boy, that Alaska. What a weird and wonderful place it must be. Ya know, I can think of another far off land that could learn a lesson or two about this demonstration of democracy in action. Can you?


Shaw Kenawe said...

great post. why don't you send it to Lieberman's people? Show the WATB what a real man can do.

CaolinaJoe said...

Placing third with 1% of the vote is a little different than finishing with 48% of the vote in a democratic primary. Especially considering Connecticut has more registered independent than democrats.

Giving up when you think you are right makes you a "real man"?

budpaul, while I may not agree with almost anything you write I sure enjoy reading your stuff. Keep up the good work, maybe you can sway me.