Monday, August 28, 2006


Here at AMERICA'S LEAST WANTED, each week the slate is wiped clean from the previous week. A new week means a whole new TOP TEN, leading to every Friday's TOP FIVE WORST PEOPLE OF THE WEEK. Right now, it's still early in the week, but there are a couple of candidates that can start filling out the list. Of course, the list is subject to adjustment, so the four you see here may not be around come the TOP FIVE list. But given some of the offenses hightlighted within the current list, I somehow doubt that a couple of these guys are going anywhere.

Coming in at number four, we've got Ann Coulter. Only because the week is so new is she even here. I'm betting she'll be shoved off by Wednesday unless she says something particularly dispicable about, I don't know... the 9/11 widows? What? She's already done that? Ah, crap. There goes Ann, raising the bar so high that even she can't reach it anymore.
John McCain finds himself in the third position tonight. As I noted earlier, McCain keeps drifting further and further to the right while still brandishing his bullshit Maverick image. Will the press and the voters wise up to his sham before he becomes the oldest president ever elected to the office?
Our favorite Democratic primary loser who's still running anyway comes in at the number two; Joe Lieberman. I talked about him this past Saturday as he now refuses to endorse three Democratic challengers for Congress in Connecticut, which is posit might actually be a good thing for these challengers. But the reason for his high position has more to do with something else he's got going on right now. I'll get into it tomorrow.
And currently holding the top spot is none other than Mr. Undisclosed Location himself, Dick Cheney. What has he done to earn the top spot so early in the week? Unfortunately, I must leave you with yet another tease as I'll have a full post on Cheney's nonsense tomorrow. Hint: it has to do with a straw man... .

So, we've got a big day tomorrow. I'll have the final part of My Katrina story up in the morning. And I'll also have my rants on the latest from Cheney and Lieberman. Plus, there's bound to be somebody who pisses me off during the day, so be on the lookout for that. Thanks for coming by.

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