Sunday, October 01, 2006


Been a crappy day for my posting today. Blogger has eaten two of my posts for some unknown reason. It appears to working now, but I'm beat at this point and have no interest in attempting to rebuild my articles this late in the day. I should be able to polish up an abridged version or two tomorrow morning so come by and check it out.
Also, tough day as my Saints lost today for the first time this season. A couple of costly errors ultimately lost us the game, including a Reggie Bush fumble in the red zone and a missed kick by John Carney. Final score was 21-18. Oh well, it was a short week on account of the team playing on Monday night so they probably didn't get in as much prep as they would have normally liked. Coming next Sunday, we'll be facing a team in complete disarray in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and we'll be playing them in New Orleans so the crowd should be fired up.
I've also spent most of the the weekend writing a business plan in my head for work. My boss is sort of looking to reassign me, but what he wants me to be doing doesn't actually exist as a job yet. It's sort of my job to build my new job from the ground up. I've got some concepts and such floating around in my head, but I've got to get some stuff down on paper in order to really formulate some ideas. One upside to this is I think I'm going to get to spend a few days up in New York City on the company dime doing research and a trip to NYC is always a good thing. Haven't been there since April so I've been itching to make a trip of late.
When I wasn't watching football or procrastinating about writing a business plan, I was knee deep in GRE vocabulary. I've been told on numerous occasions that having an extensive vocab can really benefit in the verbal section so I've really be working on it. The Princeton Review book I've been using has about 500 words that have appeared on past GREs so I'm busting my tail trying to get as many words as I can down cold. Only 23 days left until the test, but I'm making solid progress so I think that I'm in decent shape. Talk to me in three weeks when I'm freaking out about not being ready.
Quick political stuff - wow, this Mark Foley thing just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Now it looks like House GOP leaders knew about Foley's "penchant for sexual predation" for the past five years, yet they did nothing about it. This sort of thing simply cannot bode well for the so-called party of family values.
Anyway, I'm going to bed. Hope everyone has a good week.

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