Thursday, October 12, 2006



John Walsh of America's Most Wanted fame was on HANNITY & colmes recently and he was expressing his thoughts about the Mark Foley scandal. The two had had a working relationship getting child protection legislation passed. Walsh discussed his feelings of betrayal given Foley's stalking of children through the internet, which is basically what the legislation they worked on together would outlaw. Suddenly, Hannity started a bit of a tirade about former New Jersey governor Jim McGreevy's sexual pecadillos (long story short- McGreevy was a closeted gay who was married and who recently came out - he supposedly liked cruising truck stops to engage in sexual activities with men).

Of course, John Walsh quickly distanced himself from the Hannity as it appeared that Hannity was attempting to equate being gay with being a sexual predator of children. Hannity attempted to "clarify" his comments by instead equating sexual predation of young children with cruising for strangers to engage in consensual homosexual activity. And again, Walsh wasn't biting as he made it perfectly clear that consensual sex involving adults has nothing to do with a 52 year old congressman engaging in improper and potentially illegal activity with underage congressional pages. I'm certain that Hannity's attempts at moral equivalency between the two played big with his conservative audience who more than likely would tend to agree with his interpretation. Fortunately, John Walsh is a better man than Sean Hannity and much of his fanbase.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Walsh also clarified the difference between gay and pedophile on a phone connection with Larry King. Good on John Walsh. I can see future politics for him and he's going about it the right way.

Lib. forever william fudger