Friday, October 13, 2006



It appears to me that the talking heads over at Fox News have made it there mission to do and say anything and everything in order to avert the greatest disaster that America would ever face - Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. Recently it was Bill O'Reilly's turn to take a bat to the Pelosi pinata as he warned his viewers that if the Dems win control of the House in a few weeks, Pelosi-zilla and her crazy, fag-loving, pot-smoking, ultra-liberal San Francisco values would run amok in the hallowed office of the Speaker and reverberate through the halls of Congress. The message here was clear - don't vote for Republicans because they're the better party, instead vote for them because the alternative is a Speaker who has remained married to one man and raised five kids and even waited until they all started school before she started her career. Truly the End of Days is near with a scoundrel like that in charge of the House.
About a month or so ago, Sean Hannity donned his khaki overalls and strapped his proton pack to his back and armed himself with his particle thrower in order to go hunting for the evil Pelosi-monster (with Ray Parker Jr. theme music pumping in the background, no doubt). On his radio show, he posited the notion that stopping Pelosi from becoming House Speaker is something that is worth dying for. And now O'Reilly felt is was his civic duty to warn America that a vote for a Dem this November is a vote for all manner of lewd and lascivious conduct in the halls of Congress (oh wait, we've already got that in the House).
In all honesty, I think all of this speaks volumes for the dearth of anything to actually run on in the Republican Party. Things have gotten so desperate as more and more unfavorable polls come out that the GOP and their annointed mouthpieces on Fox News must spend their time belting out asinine ad hominem attacks rather than telling voters why they should vote for Republicans.

It just popped into my head that Repubs are always attacking Dems for having no plan for anything, but I cannot remember for the life of me what the GOP plan is if they happen to hold onto the congress. Could it be because they have no plan (other than to bend over and take whatever Bush-suppository he deems to jam in their collective asses over his final two years in office)? Could it be, as is evidenced by Hannity's and O'Reilly's attacks, that they have nothing to run on so they instead spend time and money attacking Dems and riling up the base? If nothing else, one thing has been made certainly clear - this Grand Old Party is a long way aways from their Contract with America days. And let us hope and work and pray that their days as the majority party in Washington are numbered.

[h/t to News Hounds for this one.]

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