Thursday, October 05, 2006



There goes holy Joe again. The man who took great pride in being the voice of morality against President Clinton's indiscretions now cannot find it within himself to question the morality of leaders who enabled a sexual predator. Instead of coming out on the right side of this and standing with his "fellow" Dems on this he once again shows his true colors. And not only will he not dare speak a cross word against the House leadership, but he must once again take a shot a Democrats because they are rightfully outraged that Republican leadership did nothing to stop former congressman Mark Foley.

Joe was on Imus recently and had this to say:

Obviously Foley had to go and he did go. Now to make it into a political question is wrong. Denny Hastert doesn't come to me for advice but if I were him I would tell them get somebody who people in both parties respect in there quickly, immediately.

Um, Joe? This is not a "political question". This is a question of whether House leadership knew (and they most certainly did) that Mark Foley was sexual predator and that they let him continue to hold a position of leadership in the House and that this same leadership felt it more important to protect their own political interests than to protect innocent children.

Joe, this is about accountability, something this Congress is not at all familiar with, if we are to go by the fact that they never actually hold anyone accountable for anything. And I know that the concept of accountability is pretty foreign to you given that voters in your state held you accountable for you unwavering support of Bush's folly in Iraq, yet you completely ignored them and chose to run anyway. Accountability means something in every level of life - personal, professional, political. Even a small child understands that if he breaks a vase, there will be consequences. He understands that he will be held accountable. Why is accountability such a difficult concept to grasp by those in the highest seats of power in this government?

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