Sunday, October 29, 2006



It's not often that a self-righteous know-it-all puts himself in enemy territory by appearing on a program where he does not have primary control. One of the few instances where this is the case is when said bloviator has something to promote, say - a book that revels in its self-righteousness. With this in mind, I bring you Bill O'Reilly's appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman.
This is not O'Reilly's first appearance with Letterman, and if I recall, that meeting didn't go all that well for Bill-O, so why should this one be any different. And, in many ways, it was worse. From the start, Dave did absolutely nothing to hide the fact that he finds people like Bill and his Fox News cohorts as beneath contempt. It was really a masterful performance by Dave as he never missed a chance to get in a dig at the falafel man. When asked by O'Reilly if he wants the U.S., he paused for a moment. When O'Reilly commented that it's an easy question that doesn't require a pose, Dave quickly retorted, "It's not easy for me because I'm thoughtful," which got a huge audience response. It was such an enlightened answer and it illustrated the the polar opposite of how Fox News as an entity operates as the administration's mouthpiece, where deep thought is frowned upon and simple soundbytes and semantics are key. There aren't easy questions or easy answers when looking at Iraq and the middle east as a whole and Dave's response was illustrative of many people's views.
The discussion became more heated over time and at one point, Dave asked a question, Bill murmured a little something and Dave quickly interjected another question (which is basically standard operating procedure over at the Factor) to which Bill huffed, "Do you want me to answer the question?" Dave, not missing a beat, responded, "I don't care!"
I've watched Letterman off and on for years and I don't ever recall him ever treating a guest with such disdain. It was a thing of beauty to see a blowhard get something of a comeuppance. Night after night O'Reilly operates in much the same manner and it's just nice to see the tables turned on this offensive little troll of a man.
I think Dave struck just the right tone at the end as he noted, "I have no idea what I'm talking about ... but I don't think you do either."

(Note: Crooks and Liars has the video.)


Anonymous said...

You are a fool. You must have seen a different interview. Then again you seem like just another hate filled leftie. Facts and truth are lost on you, much like Letterman. By the way, the situation you describe about nut job Cindy Sheehan, her family doesn't back her up and have asked her to stop. Lefties want propaganda not facts.

Paul said...

When did I ever mention Sheehan? I guess righties like to just make up stuff instead of engaging in fact-based conversations.