Thursday, October 05, 2006


Just wanted to let my few faithful readers know that posting will be light this coming weekend. I'm doing a little road trip to Houston (about a 500 mile trip) for a college football game (Louisiana-Lafayette vs. Houston). I haven't been to one of my alma mater's games in over five years and I thought it would be fun to meet up with some old friends whom I haven't seen in an awfully long time and do a little tailgating and catch what I hope will be a competitive game (Houston is 5-1 and Louisiana-Lafayette is 2-2).
Then on Sunday I'll be racing back to New Orleans in the hopes of catching the Saints game. Worse comes to worst I'll watch it at my brother's or my mom's house. After that, it's back on the road to Mobile - another two plus hour trip.
Needless to say, I won't have as much access to a computer or internet or all that other fun stuff as I usually do. But come Sunday night, I should be nice and decompressed from all the driving and ready to suck up all the fun stuff I missed throughout the weekend. I also might be able to punch out a thing or two as time permits once I get to my friend's place in Houston.

I may release my weekly TOP FIVE WORST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD column early on Friday as opposed to its usual late Friday afternoon slot. I've got most of it written already (it's superspecial extra large edition this week) but I dont' like putting it out so early given the usual Friday newsdump. Perhaps I'll do an addendum to it if the headlines require it. Otherwise, expect the FIVE WORST list sometime Friday morning.

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