Thursday, October 26, 2006



As he continues to consider a run for president in 2008, one of the issues that has kept me from embracing Barack Obama has been his exceptionally close relationship with Democratic turncoat Joe Lieberman. Today he did something of a symbolic gesture (though he could certainly do more) by sending an email to his list of Connecticut supporters showing his support for the actual Democratic candidate for Connecticut, Ned Lamont. From Lamont's campaign website:

Ned Lamont has waged an impressive grassroots campaign to give the people of Connecticut a choice in the November Senate election. He has a vision for his state and country, and his campaign has been about presenting that vision to Connecticut voters.

Ned Lamont and I share a commitment to bringing our troops home safely from Iraq, to achieving energy independence, to helping all our citizens realize the American dream, and to empowering the American people to reclaim their government. Ned Lamont’s campaign is about delivering on these goals in Washington.

The November 7th election is right around the corner. Please join me in supporting Ned Lamont with your hard work on-the-ground in these closing weeks of the campaign.

We all watched Ned’s improbable primary victory two months ago. His campaign generated a record turnout that saw 30,000 new Democrats vote to change course at home and abroad.

Ned earned the Democratic Senate nomination through his hard work and clear message. And his victory paved the way for an entire crop of Democratic challengers to stand up and fight for the common good. Today the candidacies of Diane Farrell, Joe Courtney and Chris Murphy are integral to the Democrats’ strategy to regain the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives.

A majority of Connecticut Democrats supported Ned Lamont in the August primary. I hope they will see this impressive movement through to the end by volunteering their time with Ned in these next two weeks.

As I previously noted, he should definitely be doing more, given his very high profile and presidential aspirations, but this is definitely a positive turn of events for a man who I understands looks at himself as a Lieberman protege of sorts.
Given Lieberman's antics of late (as in calling Lamont a "goddam sonuva bitch" to his face after their debate earlier this week), one might wonder if Lieberman might take exception to his buddy Barack cozying up to the guy who actually won the Democratic primary. regardless, I'm glad that he took this step, and hope that he can be convinced to take that book tour of his through Connecticut sometime in the next 12 days.

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