Wednesday, October 25, 2006



I had never heard of Ellis Henican before today. A quick Wikipedia search reveals that he's a journalist and a radio personality. He made an appearance on Hannity and Colmes recently and had this to say about those on the right that lament the lack of civility in political discourse:

Whenever conservatives say we should all get along and end the acrimony, what that really means is we should just agree with the president and everything he wants including (unintelligible), we love the nasty war and the deficit’s terrific. Conservatives’ view of this stuff is liberals ought to be quiet, conservatives ought to get their way and that’s how we’re all going to get along.

Huh, sounds an awful lot like how the right whines about so-called activist judges. Remember, they're not activist as long as those on the right agree with the judge's ruling. Cross them, though, and we've got ourselves the next activist judge that must be reigned in! Hypocrites, I say!

[Many thanks to Newshounds for the transcript.]

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