Wednesday, October 18, 2006



I blogged about this a couple of days ago. At the time, I was flabbergasted that White House Press Secretary Tony Snow had no answer for a simple question posed to him:

QUESTION: Just a simple question: Are we winning?

SNOW: We’re making progress. I don’t know. How do you define winning?
Luckily, he clarified his position on Wednesday when he said that the strategy is to win. Yes, that's what he said. Let me repeat that in case you didn't catch the nuance of that detailed plan to win in Iraq; Bush's strategy is to win.

Do you think that anyone took Tony aside and told him that "to win" is not a strategy. "To win" is a goal and a strategy is implemented to achieve that goal. I hate to harp on this (okay, I don't hate it) but think about it:

Question: "Tony, what is Bush's strategy to win?"

Snow: "Our strategy is to win."

Question: "So, what you're saying is his strategy to win is to win? Is that what you're trying to sell us?"

Snow: "That would be correct."

And the hard-charging White House press corps lets these crooks get away with stuff like this.

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