Tuesday, October 10, 2006



Monday on John Gibson's Fox News show, Gibson pondered whether the fact that North Korea had tested a nuclear device was actually a good thing. His exact quote was "Does the fact that the North Koreans actually tested a nuclear weapon balance out the bad news from this Foley scandal?" To which I will reply, "Are you out of your ever-loving mind?!"

What the hell is wrong with the organization that is Fox News that they would revel in the fact that a rogue nation with a mentally unbalanced leader now has the bomb just because it might take the focus off of the Mark Foley scandal? Do they think it is because it will now change the media narrative to national security, a supposed strong suit for the GOP? I would tend to disagree with part of that premise because, if nothing else, this test by North Korea highlights the fact that Bush's refusal to actually engage North Korea in substantive diplomacy is what has led to the current situation.

Now we're faced with a reality where a certifiable nutjob like Kim Jong Il is one step closer to annihilating South Korea or Japan. But, in the skewed reality of Fox-World, this sort of thing should be considered good news because it potentially deflects attention away from the House Republican leadership coverup of the Foley sex predator scandal.

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