Thursday, October 19, 2006



Via Crooks and Liars (who also has the video):

Norah [O'Donnell]: So Congresswoman, let me put you on record here because we see Bill Clinton talking about the politics of "Common Good" and the need for that to take place and you say the Democrats have a positive agenda—Can you promise then that when Democrats–if they retake the House of Representatives and Senate will not issue tens or hundreds of subpoenas to the White House when it comes to Katrina, Iraq and a number of other issues and essentially make the President's final two years in office a living hell if you will and mean that nothing gets done in Washington?
What the hell?! Are her paychecks signed by Rupert Murdoch or something? This question is preposturous. Where were dipshits like O'Donnell when the Clinton administration spent years dealing with congressional subpoenas? They were lapping it up like freakin' catnip is what they were doing. It must be great to have the liberal media looking out for you, Bushie. After all, we sure wouldn't want your last two years being a "living hell"; as if the last six years have been a picnic for just about everyone except you and your cronies.

If O'Donnell had asked me this question I would have jumped on her and asked why is she against accountability in the government? Why doe she support rubberstamping an out-of-control executive branch? Why does she hate the Constitution and America?

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