Friday, October 20, 2006



TONY SNOW hit the rare combo of being both a scoundrel and a nincompoop all in one week. He started off by claiming that Bush reminds him of "one of those guys at the gym who plays about 40 chessboards at once" and then followed it up a day or so later with the rather telling statement that he and the administration really have no idea what the hell they're doing in Iraq and haven't the slightest idea what winning in Iraq even means, much less how to accomplish it.

KING GEORGE THE BUSH gets a nod this week for signing the Military Commissions Act into law this week. It signing marks a black day in American history, much like the Alien and Sedition Acts, Dred Scott v. Sandford and Plessy v. Ferguson, all three of which were eventually proven to be dark stains on the American tapestry. In short order, the MCA will join that ignominious group.

PETER KING should never ever get a job working for the New York Tourism Board after making the claim that Baghdad and Manhattan were very much alike. Except of course for the car bombs and the IEDs and the snipers and the heavily armed troops and the fact that oh, about a hundred or so civilians are killed on a daily basis, as opposed to approximately ten a month in NYC.

Time after time JOE LIEBERMAN proves that he's as loyal to Democrats as I am to staying on a diet (which is to say not so much). Earlier this week, Lieberman claimed that he hasn't given any thought as to whether it would be a good thing if Democrats won control of the House. If you, a supposed Democrat through and through, cannot muster up enough common sense to answer, "You bet it's good for America," regardless of how you might feel. Unless of course you're so driven to win Republican votes in order to hold onto your seat that you're afraid to say or do anything that would make you sound like someone even remotely interested in remaining a Dem should you be reelected.

When will the lying and bullshit stop? If I had only one question to ask the vice president, I would love it if DICK CHENEY could give me a straight answer on this. Earlier this week, he appeared on Rush Limbaugh's radio program to continue his BS parade about how things are going so well in Iraq. He then came back and preposturously claimed, during a local television interview, that universally denounced lie that Iraq and al Qaeda were linked. Enough, sir. Enough. It does not matter how many times you repeat the exact same lies, it will never make them true. Just stop, you evil little man.

Here's the latest tally after nine weeks:
George W. Bush - 20 points
Joe Lieberman - 15 points
Dick Cheney - 13 points
John McCain - 12 points
George Felix Allen Jr. - 12 points
Denny Hastert - 9 points
Bill Frist - 8 points
Mark Foley - 8 points
Tony Snow - 6 points
Tom Reynolds - 6 points
Donald Rumsfeld - 6 points
Ben Stein - 5 points
Chris Wallace - 5 points
ABC - Path to 9/11 - 5 points
Matt Drudge - 4 points
Geoff Davis - 4 points
Peter King - 3 points
Sean Hannity - 3 points
Matt Drudge - 3 points
Marilyn Musgrave - 3 points
Michelle Malkin - 3 points
Condoleeza Rice - 3 points
Ann Coulter - 3 points
JD Hayworth - 2 points
John Boehner - 2 points
Michael Savage - 2 points
Neil Cavuto - 2 points
Frank Gaffney - 1 point
Hugh Hewitt - 1 point

(Points are awarded based on five points for a first place finish, four points for second and so on. Points will be carried over from week to week.)

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Anonymous said...

Can I nominate Ed Koch because of the commercials he ran -- sadly, on the Mets playoff games radio broadcasts in support of Peter King that started out "I'm a Democrat" and which praised King for supporting the Patriot Act, supporting warrantless wiretaps, and supporting 'profiling' (even he wouldn't say 'ethnic profiling') by law enforcement and airlines. That deserves at least a fifth place.

Oh, and shouldn't Bush be removed from the competition, because he is so automatically #1 that nobody else stands a chance.

And one more nomination. Ken Blackwell, for his attacks on Strickland that accuse him of being gay and being supported by NAMBLA -- and which also, by attacking an ex-aide who was an exhibitionist (towards girls) and calling him a 'boy toy' makes the charge

Prup (aka Jim Benton)
(who hates Blogger Beta)