Thursday, October 19, 2006


I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome aboard a brand new writer and blogger to my formerly single-person operation. BlueKat just started writing her own blog yesterday and she asked my opinion about it. I really liked her stuff (which can be found at DemoKat) and thought that she would fit in nicely around here. Given that I know how difficult it can be to build any kind of a readership with a brand new blog, I thought that she'd like to get onboard one that already has some "numbers" under its belt.
I've been interested in bringing on someone as my work and coming school schedule is cutting into my time here. I've gone from doing 5-6 posts a day to about 3-4 posts and having another contributor will allow the two of us to hit on many of the days' topics that I might be missing given my schedule.
BlueKat brings a little something different to what I do as I tend to focus on individuals who are doing stupid things; Kat definitely has something of a "big picture" outlook that I don't tend to address. Her perspective around here should make for a more well-rounded and entertaining blog. I would assume that there will be times that we overlap on our subjects and there will probably be a time or two when we disagree, but that's okay. Different opinions are always welcome.
I'm told that given her situation, she could be immensely prolific on any given day, and non-existent on others, but that's no biggie. I look forward to having her join my little corner of the blogosphere. I hope everyone else digs her writing as much as I do.

Oh, and Kat, if you could possibly have a really prolific weekend this coming weekend, that would be awesome. I've got the GRE coming up this Wednesday and I really need to focus on studying over the weekend. PLEASE!!!

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