Sunday, October 22, 2006



Sean Hannity must be getting desperate. He's starting to beg. During his radio program on Wednesday, Hannity actually resorted to pleading with Democratic voters to stay home "for the sake of the nation." From Media Matters:

I want you [Dem voters] to stay home on Election Day because you must accept the fact that your party has abandoned you. You've gotta accept the fact that your vote doesn't matter anyway. So all you Democrats, stay home.


So I'm saying, for the sake of the nation, I think you Democrats should stay home. For you there's no reason to vote. But you Republicans out there, the ones -- there's enough people in this audience to make a real, significant difference in really key important states.

Sort of an odd comment (dare I say Freudian slip?) about Dem votes not mattering, don't you think? Still, to go on and on about this is so unseemly to me. And of course there's the fact that the tirade is about as effective and useful as discussing birth control options with a 90-year old woman given that the majority of his audience is either die-hard conservatives or die-hard liberals who only listen to hear the latest stupidity eminating from his piehole and wouldn't be inclined to pay any heed to his request to supress Democratic voter turnout. Have the GOP and their mouthpieces become so flat-out desperate that they've actually taken to a sort of semi-voter suppression? What next, does Hannity tell his Dem audience that they are required to vote November 8th while all Repubs vote Nov. 7? I bet it's coming.

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