Monday, October 09, 2006



Posting has admittedly been a bit light as I try to catch up on my regular work and ease back into blogging. With that in mind, I give you another example of what a failure George W. Bush is. Via Liberal Oasis:

As LiberalOasis has noted several times in the last four years, the Bush Administration never was interested in a negotiated deal to prevent North Korea from getting nukes.

The neocons want regime change in North Korea, in an attempt to constrict the rise of China. And they see any deal as helping the North Korea dictator remain in power.

After initially suspending talks with North Korea, and unraveling the diplomatic progress made by the Clinton Administration, the Bushies then agreed to "six-party" talks.

But the move was not intended to make new diplomatic progress. It was intended to make the Bushies look like they tried diplomatic avenues, when in fact, they made no serious proposals.

We can now see the results of this so-called "hard-line" strategy. A nuclear North Korea. A greater risk of more nuclear proliferation. A more unstable world.

This is the latest Republican foreign policy failure, after the Iraq debacle, the freedom of Osama bin Laden, and the spread of the "global jihadist movement."

Of course, given time, I'm certain that this, like everything else that has gone wrong in Washington and the nation in general, will be blamed on the Democrats.

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